Spectacle Lenses

As an independent, family run practice we have access to many brands of lens. We made the decision to partner with Hoya as our major supplier because of their vast product range, history of innovation and because of the outstanding results we have seen with our patients.

With such a vast array of spectacle lenses available, we always advise you to visit the practice, to discuss your individual needs with our dispensing team who have many years of experience and training to ensure you have the most suitable lenses for your eyes and your lifestyle.

Below are some of the lenses available at Michael Harris Opticians.

Single Vision

Single vision lenses have one focal length allowing you to see one distance through the lens. This works perfectly when you are young and your eye muscles accommodate when you want to look at something up close. As we get older, our ability to focus up close in single vision lenses gets worse, this is when a varifocal lens becomes a better option.


Varifocals are a complex lens design, combining multiple prescriptions to allow clear vision at all distances. Our most advanced lenses are tailored to consider your lifestyle requirements, to give the best possible vision and comfort by offering viewing areas that are tailored to you.

We offer a wide range of lenses to suit all budgets and prescriptions.

Computer specific lenses

Computer specific lenses, otherwise known as occupational lenses, are an indoor solution that is tailored to your individual working conditions. This lens form is ideal for office environments, where you constantly switch from one device to another, or from reading documents to a digital device. This lens is called a workstyle lens.

For those who are under 45 and use computers, tablets and smart phones for long periods of time, we offer the SYNC III digital lens, which has a slight boost in power towards the bottom of the lens to help reduce digital eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by staring at screens all day.

For extreme comfort with digital device lenses, we advise the Blue Control coating – this coating neutralises blue light, reducing glare, eyestrain and fatigue offering a more relaxed vision.

Lens Coatings

Our coating options include the High Vision Long Life anti-reflective coating which offers a 3-year guarantee, meaning you can wear them with confidence and have them replaced should an unfortunate mishap happen!

Hi Vision aqua – our standard anti reflection coating that works to reduce unwanted reflections on your spectacle lenses.

Hi Vision Long Life – Our premium anti reflection coating that has anti static and dirt repellent properties along with a 3-year guarantee for any scratches or coating breakdown.

UV Control – All the benefits of the Hi Vision Long Life with added UV protection.

Blue Control – All the benefeits of the Hi Vision Long Life with added Blue Control to reduce the problems associated with excessive blue light.


Photochromic are light adaptive lenses that provide you with the flexibility and freedom of one pair of glasses for all conditions. The lenses are clear indoors but darken like sunglasses in sunlight.

Driving Lenses

Our driving range is designed for those who spend a large amount of time in their car or feel like they need extra help when driving at night. The Enroute and Enroute Pro contain special contrast enhancing and glare reducing filters to stop the dazzle from bright headlights. They’re available in both single vision and varifocals, with the varifocal design being tailored to allow the best distance and intermediate vision.

Whatever lens you require, you can be confident that we will help you to make the right choice.