Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have the power to transform your vision experience. Developed around clarity, comfort and convenience, contact lens technology has greatly advanced over the past decade to the point where you can barely detect that you’re wearing them at all.

But some of our clients have been put off trying contact lenses by a negative experience in the past, others are worried about putting them in and taking them out, whilst a few are concerned that they won’t be available in their prescription. Our expert team is on hand to dispel all your worries.

We’re committed to finding the perfect eyewear solution for you, so we offer contact lens trials to help you through the process of wearing them for the first time. Having discussed the various options – daily, two-weekly and monthly lenses, multi-focal lenses, etc. – we’ll assess and measure your eyes and help fit your contact lenses, guiding you through the process of putting them in and taking them out hygienically. And if you decide you’d like to try them for a week, we’ll provide you with free trial lenses to take home before you commit.

Ready to try contact lenses? Request your trial appointment either online or by phone 024 7671 1620.