Dry Eye and Red Eye Assessments

Dry eye syndrome is an increasingly common condition in which your eyes don’t produce enough high quality tears to lubricate themselves properly. This deficiency can lead to irritating symptoms including dryness, soreness, grittiness, redness, sensitivity to light and even blurred vision.

The condition can be exacerbated by pollution, windy conditions, dry contact lenses and prolonged screen-use which reduces your blink rate. Modern lifestyles often make these conditions difficult to avoid, but fortunately the syndrome is easily treated if identified in the early stages.

Our dry eye assessments always begin with an informal chat about you, your lifestyle and your concerns so we can effectively assess your eyes and advise on appropriate treatment. Usually this involves recommending manageable lifestyle changes and a prescription of high quality eye drops and/or anti-inflammatory medicines. Only in extreme cases surgery may be advised.

If you think you might have dry eye syndrome, request an appointment with us today, either online or by phone 024 7671 1620.